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50,000 bd.ft. sinker cypress still in the water


    CS manufactures  tongue and groove cypress lumber, as well as Eastern aromatic cedar  lumber. This tongue and groove eastern aromatic cedar closet liner is being used in closets, primarily for it's moth proofing and aroma. obviously it is much better than moth balls.

   We also produce cypress & cedar lumber for spa manufacturers. Tongue and groove cypress lumber for interior walls, Tongue and groove cypress lumber for floors, and cypress tongue and groove lumber for ceilings is available.

   Cypress& Cedar lumber has the greatest resistance to rot and insects of any wood. Eastern aromatic cedar runs a very close second to cypress lumber, but be advised they call it aromatic for a reason. We have in the past recycled old houses made of cypress lumber that was any where from 50 to 175 years old, once the lumber was ran through a planner it looked just as good as the day it was milled.

    As for staining look at the consumer report below. We have also stained cypress lumber to look like redwood. The only problem is that once stained the only way to tell the difference is by the price. We can and do provide cypress & cedar lumber for any purpose or size or length you want, such as wood craft, musical instruments or home repairs and especially in federal grant restoration or museum restoration from 1x1 inch to 24 x 24 inch. We  also provide cypress, and cedar lumber for historic sites as per specs.

  We do from to time deal in other exotic lumbers such Rosewood, Black Walnut ,Teak, Mahogany. This however is done only on a special order basis. Any specifications can be met but, specifications must be submitted in advance and monies must be in place upon delivery. All prices are set regardless of whether or not they are federal grant projects or museum restoration or a new individual project.


Wholesale or Retail


Overall Ratings.
Deck treatments
Within groups, in performance order
Product Price Type Durability Dirt Fading Mildew
4 YEAR The following products survived four years' exposure but now need to be reapplied.
Cabot Decking Stain 1480 $25* Opaque
Akzo Nobel Sikkens Cetol BL DEK top coat and DEK base coat. DISCONTINUED 50 Toned
Glidden Endurance Deck & Siding Oil Stain 19* Opaque
3 YEAR The following products survived three years' exposure but now need to be reapplied.
Wolman Deck Stain with Water Repellent 21* Semitransparent
Olympic Water Repellent Deck Stain 17 Semitransparent
Olympic Natural Look Protector Plus 15 Toned
True Value Woodsman Deck Stain 16* Semitransparent
Olympic Clear Wood Preservative 13 Clear
Olympic Water Guard Wood Clear 10 Clear
Pratt & Lambert Stainshield Oil Deck Stain 22* Semitransparent
Wolman Rain Coat with Natural Wood Toner 15* Semitransparent
Benjamin Moore Moorwood Alkyd Transparent Deck and Siding Stain 25 Toned
Rhinoguard Wood Defense 36* Toned
True Value Woodsman UV Wood Sealer & Protector 17 Toned
Akzo Nobel Sikkens Cetol SRD 30* Toned
Penofin Penetrating Oil Finish 350 VOC 29 Toned
Sherwin-Williams UV Sunblock Deck & Wood Seal by Cuprinol Group 19 Semitransparent
2 YEAR The following products survived two years' exposure but now need to be reapplied.
Sherwin-Williams Clear Deck & Siding Wood Finish by Cuprinol 17* Toned
Glidden Endurance Deck Sealer for Pressure Treated Wood 19* Clear

    While these test were performed on yellow pine , you can be assured they will apply to cypress lumber even more so.

    PRICING: Due to a constantly changing market, pricing must done as close to an order date as possible.    Quantity of course  dictates just how close.
Contact: Dennis Proffer


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