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$1200.00 Per Sq.

Prices drop with volume!

18"/24" Lt. / 4" to 6" Width

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The oldest structure in the United States is in St. Augustine, and It was built over 400 years ago from Cypress!

As a matter of fact, the original wooden cypress shingles on George Washington's home are over 250 years old and doing fine.

Even cypress grave markers placed directly in the earth are still standing after hundreds of years.

And, the oldest living thing on this planet is a cypress tree at Rio del Tulle, Mexico. It is between 5,000 and 7,000 years old!

The biggest reason that Bald Cypress (Taxodium distichum) is so wonderfully resistant to insects and decay is its production of an oil called "cypresseine" which promotes these qualities.

Wood Shingles: Wood shingles were popular throughout the country in all periods of building history. The size and shape of the shingles as well as the detailing of the shingle roof differed according to regional craft practices. People within particular regions developed preferences for the local species of wood that most suited their purposes. In New England and the Delaware Valley, white pine was frequently used: in the South, cypress and oak; in the far west, red cedar or redwood. Sometimes a protective coating was applied to increase the durability of the wood shingle such as a mixture of brick dust and fish oil, or a paint made of red iron oxide and linseed oil.

Commonly in urban areas, wooden shingle roofs were replaced with more fire resistant materials, but in rural areas this was not a major concern. On many Victorian country houses, the practice of wooden shingling survived the technological advances of metal roofing in the 19th century, and near the turn of the century enjoyed a full revival in its namesake, the Shingle Style. Colonial revival and the Bungalow styles in the 20th century assured wooden shingles a place as one of the most fashionable, domestic roofing materials.

Cypress wood shingles can be made from sap and heart or all heart . However
we sell the cypress wood shingles and wood shakes that are best suited for longevity and durability. Should a better wood shingle or wood shake present itself we will be sure to put in our inventory.

  Our cypress shakes and cedar shakes are hand rived just as they were hundreds of years ago.
 *This is very important for the purpose of restoration especially in any federally or state funded projects that requires absolute accuracy for funding. Check  the National Historic Society guidelines they  provide a wealth of information for professionals or the the average home improvement guy. The men that do this work are locals. They take a great deal of pride in their work and the fact that they are the only volume producers in the world still practicing their craft. While this is a very physically demanding trade it is absolutely amazing to see the speed and accuracy they have to produce each cypress  or cedar  shake.

   Shake roofing  or cypress shingles made of cypress wood are by their very nature going to be varied in color and subject to change which is part of their natural beauty. So be advised you will see color changes in your wooden shake roof or wooden shingle roof as time goes by.

  Shake roofs are sold just like all roofing materials.
 100 square feet to the square.   We can manufacture to exact specifications.

 Cypress  wood shingles and cedar  wood hingles are sawn by machine and are more uniform . They are less expensive because of this. All materials are palletized, plastic wrapped then shipped any where in the United States.

We specialize in cypress and aromatic cedar products.


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