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True American Chestnut

Not wormy

This tree has been officially extinct for one hundred years!

American Chestnut now available 10,000 b.f. 4/4 thickness  6" to12" width

 9' lengths  

This is virgin Chestnut cut from the last standing Chestnut forest in the world.

This will not be around long

This is not wormy chestnut



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Cypress Lumber For Sale

$2.25 Per Board Foot

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Old Growth Cypress 60 
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An entire barn full of rough cut old growth cypress. Sizes ranges from 1 x 12" to 8" x 8" beams This lumber was saved for years by a gentleman to build his dream home. However in his golden years. He has decided to fish instead. This is a magnificent find and is expected to go fast .117,00 board feet. Extremely high ring count .Manifest available, Inquiries are now being accepted. 



Old growth cypress is used in all the same applications as new growth cypress. I.e.

Cypress Lumber, Cypress Beams, Cypress Siding, Cypress Decking,  Cypress Paneling, Cypress Flooring

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Antique Heat Cypress
500 sq. ft. Old Growth, Vertical Grain Cypress Flooring Moisture Content 10%to 14%
Ring growth is unbelievable. May be the prettiest I have seen. 


    Old growth cypress lumber is highly sought after, but most people are improperly informed about what they are buying. There is no Old Growth Cypress being harvested to the best of my knowledge. In as much as it was cut and or milled decades ago. 

 The criteria for detecting old growth
 is the number of rings per inch in the tree or log. Normally the only way this can be seen is if the tree has been cut down. The greater the number of rings per inch the older the tree. The conditions that causes this is the density of the forest a trees grows in, and of course the varying climate. The common theory is that the more rings the stronger the material.
                Old growth cypress wood is very much available without cutting down anything if you are willing to get out and search for it, which is what we do.

    The most remarkable thing about cypress hunting is that it's one of  very few types of wood, anyone will spend time or money looking for outside of a lumber yard. Most other types of wood that could be called old growth simply don't exist because unlike cypress wood they will not survive the elements or insects. Old Growth Cypress buildings and other structures have been standing in this country for hundreds of years.

The availability of Rediscovered old growth cypress

Old Growth Cypress lumber is not as limited as some would have you believe. Obviously like a lot of other things it's antiquity does limit it. Yet we have not exhausted our inventory , or failed to fill an order. Bear in mind  old growth cypress lumber is going to be more expensive .


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Wholesale or Retail